Just Plain Xilly: Nick Adams in MONSTER ZERO

I was never a big fan of kaiju eiga movies. I watched them as a 60s Monster Kid in good standing, but much preferred the Universal classics, Technicolor Hammer horrors, and AIP/Poe epics. Those badly dubbed, fake looking Toho flicks just weren’t my cup of gruel.

I was however a fan of Nick Adams. The actor had roles in major films of the late 50s (REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE, PICNIC, NO TIME FOR SERGEANTS) and scored big as Johnny Yuma in TV’s THE REBEL (1959-1961). He was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for 1963’s TWILIGHT OF HONOR. Yet a scant two years later, Adams found himself in Japan appearing in low budget nonsense like FRANKENSTEIN CONQUORS THE WORLD and MONSTER ZERO. Continue reading “Just Plain Xilly: Nick Adams in MONSTER ZERO”

Revisiting an Old Fiend: THE FACE BEHIND THE MASK

Recently I switched from cable to DirecTV. As part of my package, I’ve officially joined the DVR generation. This is like being in heaven for an old movie buff like myself. Now I can record films of interest no matter what time they’re on and enjoy them at my leisure. Especially those older black & white gems that air mainly in the wee-wee hours. I can catch up with some classics I’ve only read about over the years but never had the opportunity to view, and those I only have vague memories of watching decades ago on snowy looking UHF channels. Continue reading “Revisiting an Old Fiend: THE FACE BEHIND THE MASK”

Hello world!

Welcome to Cracked Rear Viewer! Join me as I take a look back at classics and clunkers from the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s (with a sprinkle of early 80s for good measure). Focusing on films for now, but my site will always be a work in progress. Grab some popcorn and a box of Raisonettes as we take a Cracked Rear View at fifty years of movie history. Enjoy!

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