It seems I’ve been nominated by Ryan Watches Films to receive the prestigious Leibster Award!! I’m not sure what this means, but I’m grateful for the recognition. Ryan’s unique take on film are well worth your time, and I recommend you check out his blog as soon as possible. (Mine too, for that matter!)


Once you are nominated, make a post thanking and linking the person who nominated you.

– Include the Liebster Award sticker in the post too.
– Nominate 5 -10 other bloggers who you feel are worthy of this award. Let them know they have been nominated by commenting on one of their posts. You can also nominate the person who nominated you.
– Ensure all of these bloggers have less than 200 followers.
– Answer the eleven questions asked to you by the person who nominated you, and make eleven questions of your own for your nominees or you may use the same questions.
– Lastly, COPY these rules in the post.


1. If you could travel anywhere tomorrow, where would it be?
Straight down to Ft. Myers, FLA…..I love that city!!

2. What is the simplest thing that makes you smile?
A happy child.

3. What do you like about your hometown?
We’re right on the ocean.

4. What is the best meal you can prepare?
Since I spent over 20 years as a cook/chef, it’s hard to choose….but I do have a preference for Cajun cuisine!

5. What’s your favourite chore to do at home?
None…..I hate to clean!

6. What’s your favourite book?

Again, hard to choose…. toss up between The Godfather (Mario Puzo), One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest (Ken Kesey), and Ringolevio (Emmett Grogan)

 7. What’s the very first thing you would do if you won the lottery?
Pay off all my bills!

8. What’s your favourite fruit or vegetable?
Cold green grapes

9. How many times have you fallen in love?
Thousands…or maybe that’s just lust!

10. What was your favourite game or toy as a child?
Anything that could be played outdoors

11. What’s your favourite beverage?
Arnold Palmer (lemonade & iced tea)

With the 11 questions posed to you, my nominees are :

Halloween Girl

An Empire of Words

Arthouse Photography

Mad Movie Ranter/That Movie Writer Guy


Congratulations and happy blogging!!


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