Random Musings on Last Night’s Oscars


Well, the 88th Academy Awards are over. It was a strange show, to be sure…not necessarily good, but strange. I’ve just got a few thoughts in my head I need to get out:

*THE RED CARPET: Overlong and vapid. Seriously, this was just ridiculous. I’m no fashionista, so I don’t care what Miss Anna Rexic is wearing this evening. I know many people do though, so we’ve gotta have the “Pre-Game” show to sell the sponsor’s products, right? Yeah. I just think the time would be better spent on showing something like Gena Rowlands, Debbie Reynolds, and Spike Lee receiving their honorary Oscars.

*CHRIS ROCK: Dude, I thought your opening monologue was hysterical! But there’s an old saying, “Quit beating a dead horse”. The race jokes kept getting lamer and lamer. And that interview with movie patrons on the street sure didn’t help your cause. Oh, and the Girl Scout cookie bit was a blatant rip-off of Ellen DeGeneres ordering pizza for the crowd. No wonder Kevin Hart’s getting all the good parts!!

*SYLVESTER STALLONE: I’m sure Mark Rylance gave a good performance, but…C’MON, IT’S ROCKY, MAN! Sly will probably never get another shot at Oscar. Unless he gets nominated for THE EXPENDABLES 17!

*BEST SONG: Really? Lady Gaga makes a bold statement with “Til It Happens to You”, and loses to that Sam Smith snoozer from SPECTRE (try saying that three times fast!) And what’s up with The Weeknd’s hair? Good lord!

*MAD MAX: FURY ROAD: When Max began to sweep all those technical categories, I knew it had no chance at Best Picture. Happens all the time.

*IN MEMORIAM: Colleen Grey. Geoffrey Lewis. Dickie Moore. Roddy Piper. Joan Leslie. Jean Darling. Gunnar Hanson. Angus Scrimm. Kevin Corcoran. Martin Milner. Yvonne Craig. Jayne Meadows. James Best. Ron Moody. Patrick Macnee. Abe Vigoda. #OscarsSoDisrespectful.

Other than that, it was a pretty good show, and I can’t wait for next year!!


7 Replies to “Random Musings on Last Night’s Oscars”

  1. I hear ya…and strongly agree. I skip the pre game nonsense pretty much, but for those who care, it’s a lot more fun on E! I too thot Chris’s opening bit was killer…sheer brilliance…struck the perfect balance…and went there, more than once. Then it got less funny and more cringe worthy, and I just wanted it to end. Lady Gaga was incredible, soulfully delivering that powerful song. Not sure why the Spectre song won, but didn’t think there was any reason for Chris’s response to Sam Smith about not going THERE, seemed somewhat homophobic to me, but…Hated the endless girl scout cookie bit…and yeah, they left a lot of wonderful people off of the in memoriam list. Parts were fun, but other parts were just embarrassing.

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  2. You’re definitely right about the man on the street bit. I couldn’t possibly be the only one who came away from that thinking Chris Rock just proved that those black moviegoers self-segregate, which is not what he intending I’m sure.

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  3. I was so pleased to see Spotlight win Best Original Screenplay and Best Picture. I didn’t think it would do so well.

    Also relieved to hear Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar…now social media can move on to something else, no?

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