Homeless to lose some spots after 2 New Bedford transitional housing programs lose HUD funding

I’m taking a step back from classic films for a moment to talk with all my fellow bloggers. In my “real” life, I have a job as program director of Network House in New Bedford, MA. It’s part of the Veteran’s Transition House, and a ten bed program for civilians suffering from homelessness and substance abuse. Network House has helped hundreds of people get their lives back on track since it’s inception in 1998.

But no more. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has decided to stop funding transitional programs and go with Housing First, designed to put people directly into permanent housing situations. They feel this is the best way to go, and we, along with other transitional programs, have been defunded as of 4/30/16.

But for the nine men currently residing at Network House, they now have nowhere to go. They came to us directly from detoxes, shelters, even jails. They’re not ready to go out on their own yet. I’ve been given until July 1st to find appropriate housing for them. Some will wind up homeless once again, some will relapse, some may die. I’ll do the best I can. All I’m asking of my fellow bloggers is to reblog this post and the article that follows, share to your social media sites,  and maybe we can send  message to HUD that transitional housing should not be eliminated, especially in the midst of a nationwide opiate crisis. If you can’t, I understand, but if you think it’s worthy enough to share with your viewers, I thank you.

NEW BEDFORD — Joseph Moniz said he has struggled with addiction for 20 years and been in and out of jail. Thanks to Network House, a transitional housing program for civilians based out of the Veteran’s Transition House (VTH) on Willis Street, Moniz, 42, said he has gotten treatment and a whole host of services to help him get back on his feet. “It’s given me my self-esteem and self purpose back,” he said. “This is like a stepping stone for the next

Source: Homeless to lose some spots after 2 New Bedford transitional housing programs lose HUD funding

(Cracked Rear Viewer will return to looking at classic films soon. Meanwhile, if you’d like to make a donation to the Veterans Transition House, please go to our website. Any little bit helps house a homeless man. Thank you.)

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