Rosanna! Rosanna!


Rosanna Arquette turns 57 today! The beautiful granddaughter of comedian Cliff Arquette (aka Charlie Weaver of HOLLYWOOD SQUARES fame) began her career in the 70’s with TV mini-series like THE DARK SECRET OF HARVEST HOME and THE EXECUTIONER’S SONG, which brought her acclaim playing Nicole Baker in the adaptation of Norman Mailer’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel based on the Gary Gilmore case.

Soon Rosanna hit the big screen, costarring in John Sayles’ BABY IT’S YOU, then her signature role as the bored housewife who takes a walk on the wild side in DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN, the first major film for pop princess Madonna. Rosanna did some  good movies (SILVERADO, 8 MILLION WAYS TO DIE), then her career took somewhat of a nose dive, and she wound up in Europe a few years. Quentin Tarantino cast her as the dope dealer’s wife in the seminal PULP FICTION, and since then Rosanna has continued to act on television and movies, and branched out into directing documentaries.


But Rosanna is mostly known for a video she didn’t even appear in. She was dating Steve Porcaro of Toto when the band recorded the smash hit “Rosanna”, and naturally music lovers assumed the song was about her. This wasn’t true, but the band went along with the rumor, which probably helped it’s popularity, besides the fact it’s a good tune. The lead dancer is not Rosanna, but Cynthia Rhodes, who went on to star with John Travolta in the bomb STAYING ALIVE. The video received heavy airplay on MTV (back when they were actually about the music), with it’s WEST SIDE STORY-ish feel (look for Patrick Swayze as one of the dancers). So in honor of Rosanna Arquette’s birthday, here’s a look at “Rosanna”:


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