Don’t be afraid! HALLOWEEN HAVOC! is returning!!


Beginning this Saturday (that’s tomorrow, folks!), I’ll be doing the second annual “Halloween Havoc!” horror movie marathon! 31 scary film reviews in 31 days for all you connoisseurs of macabre movies out there. All the big fright stars will be here: Karloff! Lugosi! Price! Cushing! Lee! Godzilla!


You’ll get chills down your spines as we look back at man-made monsters, vampires, werewolves, witches, demons, zombies, and things that go BOO in the night. Last year was a big success, and I’m hoping you’ll (grave)dig this year’s tribute to the horror films of yesteryear. There’ll be Universal classics, Hammer horrors, AIP spooktaculars, undiscovered gems, and famous monsters of all ilks. As always, every post will be reblogged on THROUGH THE SHATTERED LENS   , where the crew of writers there will also be offering their terrifying takes on shocking cinema. Join the “Halloween Havoc!” party right here on Cracked Rear Viewer beginning Saturday October 1st! If you dare!!

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