As you may or may not know, I’m a native New Englander, born and raised in Massachusetts. I watched the Patriots back when, quite frankly, they sucked. It was only when Bill Bellichick became coach and Tom Brady took over at quarterback they turned into an NFL powerhouse. Since then, I’ve watched many a classic football game and enjoyed their victories in Super Bowls past.

But nothing compares to last night. Last night was absolutely incredible. In all my years of watching football, it was… dare I say it?… the Greatest Game Ever!!

I knew the Falcons were no joke, but the way they dominated in the first half was shocking. The party I was at had grown eerily silent, and many people chose to leave after watching Lady Gaga perform. My fellow diehards and I stayed, hoping for a miracle.

We were not disappointed.

Down 28-3 in the third quarter, Brady and his bunch put it in high gear. The defense, shredded early on by Boston College alum Matt Ryan, came back to life. 28-3 turned into 28-9, thanks to a missed Stephen Gostkowski extra point. Gostkowski redeemed himself with a field goal, leaving the Pats with 16 points to make up for a tie, something that’s never happened in Super Bowl history.


Brady’s pass to Danny Amendola made it 28-18, and a two-point conversion by James White made it 28-20. Eight points down. Nearly impossible. Then came “The Catch” by Julian Edelman, between not two, but three Atlanta defenders, an impossible catch thrown by The Greatest of All Time. A touchdown from Brady to White made it 28-26, and yet another two-point conversion, this time by Amendola, tied the game. We’re headed to the first-ever Super Bowl overtime!

New England won the coin toss, marched down the field, and the unsung James White punched the ball into the end zone for Championship #5! The remaining partygoers went nuts, celebrating an incredible, unprecedented Patriots victory! And you know we all loved it when the odious Roger Goodell took the stage to present the trophy and got the shit booed out of him! Once again, the New England Patriots are your Super Bowl champions, and once again Tom Brady is game MVP, with 466 yards and two touchdowns. The Drive for Five is complete.

Mission accomplished!!



  1. Oh yeah I grew up on Steve Grogan, I babysat for a couple who had season tickets back then…can you believe they would go to all the games even though the Pats sucked, like you said!! I went down to Bryant College in 2001 and watched them practice, it was awesome! I could not get over how skinny Tom’s legs were, the tv makes the players look so much bigger than they really are…well ok Willie McGinest was big!!! Anyways last night game was wicked awesome!! Where in MA did you live? I grew up in Marlboro and now live in South Hadley. OMG is all I kept saying in the last half of the fourth quarter. I never gave up on the thought that they could win, not with Brady at the helm and he did us proud!! Great post!! Enjoy the win…til next year! 😉

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      1. We have been spoiled rotten these past 15 years…but I’m up for more spoiling!!! Can never be too spoiled, that’s my motto!! Oh yes I know where New Bedford is. That was the Greatest Game Ever…re-watched it last night and tonight, just finished watching the parade for the second time!! Don’t think I can get enough. I must admit I was much more calm last night and tonight!! 😉 Go Sox!

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