Why Lisa Is Currently Furious

My friend at “Through the Shattered Lens” is currently angry – how do you other bloggers feel about this latest WordPress change?

Through the Shattered Lens

Hi there, WordPress subscribers!

Have you looked at you WordPress Reader lately?

It’s been reformatted once again!  The WordPress Reader is now using combined cards and it’s probably going to kill a lot of your favorite sites.  I just thought everyone might want a little advanced warning.

See, here’s how combined cards work.  Let’s say that there’s a wordpress site — like this one — that publishes multiple different posts during the day.  In the past, each post would appear separately in your reader, as a “card.”  However, someone apparently thought that prolific writers — like me for instance — were posting so much that the WordPress Reader was getting crowded.

So, now, we have combined cards!  Instead of getting a card that reads, “TV Review: Twin Peaks On Through The Shattered Lens,” followed by another card that reads, “Why Lisa Is Currently Furious,” you’ll get a card that reads…

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3 Replies to “Why Lisa Is Currently Furious”

  1. I noticed this on Monday. I didn’t actually pay attention to it until I realized I wasn’t on the post I thought I clicked on. I can see how this can be good for the blog reader, but bad for the blog owner. I’ve noticed certain people I’ve followed before will post multiple poetry or photography pieces, and I’ve unfollowed because it does get to be a huge headache. WordPress is horrible about alerting users to any change big or small. I’d actually prefer being able to choose between the old way and the new way on an individual basis because I can clearly see how it would affect a site like “Through the Shattered Lens.”

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