Halloween Havoc! Extra: The CREEPY Artwork of Frank Frazetta

Illustrator Frank Frazetta (1923-2010) is well known among fans for his brilliant artwork in the fantasy/horror/sci-fi genres, especially his covers for the paperback reissues of CONAN THE BARBARIAN in the 60’s. Frazetta did a lot of covers for Warren Publications’ black and white horror comic line, and here is a gallery of his work from the covers of CREEPY:

3 Replies to “Halloween Havoc! Extra: The CREEPY Artwork of Frank Frazetta”

  1. Frazetta’s work is so damned brilliant. His understanding of anatomy, balance and mass is absolutely stunning. It’s fantasy art for grown-ups, … not easy to do.

    (re-posted from Unobtainium13 … I never know if I’m only supposed to post this stuff here, or there, or both)

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