Editorial: Where the Hell’s My Reblog Button?

As many of you may know, I also publish the content of this blog on Through the Shattered Lens , a collaborative site featuring a host of great writers on movies, television, artwork, comics, and music. I’ve been doing it since Cracked Rear Viewer’s inception in 2015 by simply pressing the “Reblog” button, and voila! the post goes directly to the site.

Except for Thursday, when I went to share my post on LIVE AND LET DIE . The Reblog button had mysteriously vanished! Apparently, I wasn’t the only victim of this heinous crime. Danny over atย Dream Big Dream Often , who generously devotes his site to helping new bloggers get over by reblogging, also lost this capacity. Soon I discovered this was occurring throughout WordPress, and I contacted Support to find out what has happened to the Reblog function. I wasn’t given a very good answer, only that “we’re looking into it”.

It’s now Saturday, and my Reblog button is still MIA. I’ve posted in a WordPress forum on the issue, and it’s still not been resolved as of this writing. I don’t understand why – the button has been a standard feature since Day One, and now it has disappeared entirely.

Have any other of you Dear Readers had this happen? Have you contacted Support, and did you get any answers? WHERE THE HELL’S MY REBLOG BUTTON??

19 Replies to “Editorial: Where the Hell’s My Reblog Button?”

  1. I removed the ReBlog button myself sometime ago, as I wasn’t sure what it was for but found out some of my stuff was being taken without permission. Maybe something caused a change in your settings and it’s a simple fix. I’ve never had a good WordPress support experience.

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    1. You really should put it back on again, reblogging is one of the best way to get your blog known. But yes, having it on is considered by most bloggers an open invitation. Truth is the blogger who reblogs your post is doing you a big favour. Just a friendly advice ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. I allowed a friend and fellow blogger to reblog a piece a few weeks ago and I didn’t get the first extra view, and she’s got a big following. She got the stats, and I got nothing. Not even the first extra view.

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  2. Gary, I truly believe they pulled a fast one on us. I think it was done intentionally as a part of the last update. Now the backlash is massive and I hope they put it back but I don’t think they are going to.

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    1. I really hope that’s not the case, Dan, but I wouldn’t be a bit surprised. I’ve been using the ‘share’ button from Reader to reblog my posts to my sister site, but aesthetically the posts don’t look the same. I’m not a happy WordPress Camper right now!!

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