One Hit Wonders #17: “The Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats (Backstreet Records 1982)

When this song came on my car radio last week, I immediately knew I had to do a “One Hit Wonders” post on it, so without any further ado, here’s Canadian New Wave pop rockers Men Without Hats doing their #3 smash dance hit “The Safety Dance”:

The band was led by singer/songwriter Ivan Doroschuck, who claimed he penned the bouncy tune in response to nightclubs banning pogo dancing, then a hot thing. At the time of recording the song and others for the album “Rhythm of Youth”, the group consisted of Ivan’s brothers Colin (guitars) and Stefan (bass), Allen McCarthy (keyboards/electronics), and Martin Cartier (percussion). The silly, Renaissance Fair-looking video got in heavy rotation on MTV (remember when they actually played music all day?), which aided it’s rise to the top of the pop charts.

Men Without Hats have gone through multiple personell changes over the years, with Ivan Doroschuck the one constant. But never again would they hit the lofty heights of their one hit wonder, that peppy, synth-heavy little dance number from The Golden Age of New Wave. I still crank it up whenever it comes on the radio… and I bet you do, too!

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