How Burt Reynolds Put Cracked Rear Viewer In Facebook Jail!

I received the following message on my Cracked Rear Viewer Facebook Page:

“Stories from your Page are not being shown in News Feed. This could be due to activities from your Page that don’t comply with Facebook policies. This limit is temporary and expires Thursday, September 13, at 10:42 PM.”

What caused this temporary jailing? Why, none other than the late Burt Reynolds! This was the so-called ‘offense’:

Yeah, Burt’s infamous COSMOPLOITAN centerfold from back in 1972. As you can plainly see (or not see), Burt has his arm strategically hiding his junk, so the offending picture in question DOES NOT SHOW any offending body parts. Who exactly is offended by this, Facebook? Anti-bearskin rug advocates? Hairy-body shamers?

Furthermore, Facebook, I don’t choose the photos that accompany my blog posts on your platform. YOU do. Or rather, YOUR  algorithms. Instead of printing the first pic in my blog posts (like Twitter does), YOU go with whatever YOUR algorithms decide; sometimes the third picture, sometimes the fourth, sometimes the last. So let me get this straight: MY PAGE gets a weeklong sentence in Facebook Jail for something YOU CHOSE, that I had NO CONTROL WHATSOEVER over.

Somewhere in Hollywood Heaven, Burt Reynolds is laughing his ass off:

(Oh well, at least the food’s better than in real jail!!)

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