Halloween Havoc! Extra: A Double Dose of Alice!

What’s Halloween without a little Alice Cooper , eh, bats and ghouls? The veteran shock rocker has been combining horror with rock’n’roll since I was a young monster, and I’ve unearthed a double dose of Alice’s macabre music in anticipation of the upcoming All Hallows Eve. First up is “He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask”) from Alice’s 1986 album Constrictor, and used as the theme for the movie FRIDAY THE XIII PART VI: JASON LIVES!:

Oh, how very 80’s! Next we join everybody’s favorite headbangers Wayne and Garth, as they attend an Alice show in 1992’s WAYNE’S WORLD, where the mighty Alice performs “Feed My Frankenstein”:

I saw Alice do this number at a Summer 2017 show, complete with Alice dressed as a ten foot tall Monster onstage! He’s still the Master of Grand Guignol Rock!

What’s that you say, my fiends? You’ve got time for one more before the full moon rises? Let me dig way back in the crypt… behind these cobwebs… ah, here we go! How about a live version of the 1971 classic “Ballad of Dwight Fry” from the rock doc ALICE COOPER: TRASHES THE WORLD:

Rock On, Alice, and Happy HORRORween from your Cracked Rear Viewer!


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