Meet & Greet+ Favorite Books and Movies

Friday night Meet & Greet at A Texan’s View of Upstate New York!

A Texan's View of Southern Missouri

Meet and Greet

The day is here! So here are a few rules/tips to get the most out of the Meet & Greet this weekend:

  • Leave a comment with a favorite book or movie (or both!) and why it’s your favorite.
  • Leave a link to your blog, or a specific post.  Write a little something explaining what your blog tends to be about.
  • If you have a link of someone else’s blog or post, feel free to share that in the comment as well.
  • And share this post! Re-blog, tweet, pin, whatever you feel like doing! The more visitors there are, the more participation there will be, and the more exposure there is to all of these great bloggers.
  • And last, but not least, check out these great posts from fellow bloggers!

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Blogger Meet & Greet

There’s a Meet & Greet going on at amommasview! Come join the party!

A Momma's View

I thought it’s time to run another Blogger Meet & Greet over here. I think some of you are still stuck in heaps of snow, so what could be better than a little gathering and chilling with friends? So get out of your snowed in place and into this virtual world and come over here. I’m sure you find someone you like to chat and if not: Just hide somewhere and listen to the conversation until you feel comfortable to join in.

As you are over at my place, please respect my “house rules”:

  • Play nicely, don’t be rude
  • Say hi to some of the other guest, maybe even have a little conversation with them
  • Bring a little something (how about the link to one of your posts left in the comments?)
  • As I’m very social I’d appreciate it if you would bring some friends along. I love meeting new…

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