Where Have I Been?

It all started about a year ago, when my laptop was attacked by a ransom virus. Since I had my work laptop, I put the personal one aside and kept right on blogging. But all good things must end, and the Federal grant project I was working for expired… meaning I had to turn that work laptop into the company that I subcontracted for! What’s a blogger to do?

Remembering that old laptop collecting dust, I brought it to the Geek Squad folks at the local Best Buy, wondering if it could be repaired (since I’m about as low-tech as you can get!). They said yes, but they’d have to reboot the whole enchilada in order to do so. A week later, thanks to the superheroes at Geek Squad, Cracked Rear Viewer is up and running again! And from looking at the stats for the last eight days, you Dear Readers have been right here waiting for me. Thank you for your patience and loyalty, and I’ll have some new content ready to roll tomorrow around 6EST, then back to the regular schedule of Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays around six, and Fridays at noon. Ah, my internet withdrawals are gone!